Some quality of life features i think would be neat

With the crouch mechanic we have come one step closer to actual stealth. One thing that i’ve noticed though is there is no abillity to open doors quietly. I think it would be neat to have this feature, having the option to at the cost of it taking longer to open a door, open it quieter, cause lets face it, in the apocalypse we arn’t just gonna be slamming doors all day.

Another feature i think would be neat, is taking away the notifications of how much calories, quench and such a food has. After all, we don’t always know how many calories and such are in food, especially for stuff found in the wild.

To rectify this you could make a new trait called Health Nut, which allows you to see these things.

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I’m not so sure on removing the calorie and quench indications, but I think you might have a good idea the other way around.

If there were a trait to remove the values rather than add them, then it wouldn’t hinder new players as much, and give those who more or less know an extra point to play around with.
I’m sure you’d still need some kind of indicator for how filling any given food or drink would be regardless, but if it were implemented this way we could get more feedback on it and see how viable it would be to set as default, and put forth the way you’re suggesting.

As far as stealth, I 100% agree.

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Also while not all food comes in a package, the majority that you at least begin with probably will, and likely will have all the health related information on it.
Maybe generalizing wild game. And maybe the illiterate trait can technically take double burden of not knowing exactly what the calories are, or more fairly just add an extra trait for someone who can’t be bothered to be aware how good the food they’re eating is exactly for their body, a semi step on the mutation path of rat maybe?

Quiet actions or sneaking in general would be a logical evolution.