The idea would be to make a new flag for terrain and furniture that would function a bit like CONTAINER but for PC, monster and NPC.

When you (or another creature) are on a tile with the flag you can’t be seen by other creature not adjacent to the tile.
It could allow, obviously, to hide from monster but also the possibility for monster to ambush you. We could add this flag to pillow fort, place some in orphanages and BAM now we could have some zombie child springing from pile of pillow to bite you.

I’d like to work on adding that but I don’t know where to start. I’ve found the bit of code that handle the CONTAINER flag but I don’t know where to find the rest.


If that becomes a thing, maybe make the distance you (or NPC even) can see (or be seen by) the creature dependent on the perception skill similar to traps or buried land mines?

I don’t know, because for exemple if a zombie child is hiding inside a wardrobe it doesn’t matter how good your perception is you’re not going to see through the wood of the door.

I was thinking about minor things that a perceptive person may notice like a slightly ajar door or a piece of tattered rag hanging out, but i do get your point.

What about creatures that can track by scent?

There s already a tag called something like HIDE_SCENT so it could be set separativly

I like it. I’d love to be able to jump into a dumpster or something to escape from a zombie horde. That ought to hide you pretty well from both scent and sight. And having shit jump out at you from inside a trash can, closet, etc, would be awesome as well.

Cover scents should also be a thing. Hunters use them all the time to hide their smell from deer and other animals. Strong odors should cover up the smell of human from zombies and other creatures. Gasoline, ammonia, and similar compounds should work pretty well. I think there are a few herbal extracts and aromatic compounds that might work well too, if you had enough of it. Peppermint or vanilla for example.

On top of that, pouring the stuff on the ground or throwing a breakable container filled with it should help disperse your scent trail, and throw off anything that is tracking you that way.