Slingshot "Nonexistent Ammo" Error - 0.C-9527

My experimental build is 0.c-9527, and I’ve just run out of pebbles to my slingshot. Instead of just giving me the “out of ammo” message, I also received a message at the top of the screen:

DEBUG: Tried to reload using nonexistent ammo

I assume it’s completely harmless, but I don’t feel like running out of ammo deserves an actual error message by the game itself. I’m calling it a bug.

I’m guessing this has gone unnoticed just because no one uses the slingshot. Go figure.

Hmm, that’s odd. Have you test other items using pebbles, like the sling? And what about bows? What mods do you have on?

Not sure what the cause might be. o.O

Ive had bows do it too. anything that reloads and fires in one motion.

Yuppers. Just get some more ammo. The game is trying to fire ammo that isnt there.

It equates to the same thing, just worded differently.

Unlike some games where you can put barrels of [none] into wheelbarrows of [none] and throw your spinning [none] at the enemy, this game encurages realism :v

My thought was that it didn’t really require a debug notice to tell you that. The game already tells you you’re out of ammo, and you get that alongside the error notice. It seems redundant.

Any idea of the cause though? D:

I’ve been noticing this too. It’s a pain in the butt. If you press ESC to cancel your shot, you get the “nonexistant ammo” message. If you press f quickly twice, you get the damn message even though I really just wanted to take the same shot as the last one. Some streamlining could be made to the slings & arrows interface.

I believe this is fixed now.