Clipped weapons won't reload cataclysmdda-0.C-4448

Seems to be with guns that have magazines, I have well over 200 rounds of 9mm ammo for my Glock magazine, but when I reload the magazine and then try reloading the gun it just says out of ammo.

Also tested on a .22 rifle which produces the same error message, when I got a mossberg 500 it reloaded each shell as it should.

Edit: This has now been fixed in a more recent version (cataclysmdda-0.C-4458 \ version 0.c-11144-gcbf4940)

I’ve been getting the same thing. I think it’s due to needing a “magazine” item for those weapons, which you reload with the bullets and then load into the gun. However, none of these guns that need magazines seem to ever spawn with said magazines; I don’t know if that’s a bug, an oversight, or a “feature”, but it is annoying regardless.

over the past few days of playing CDDA again, i have been hoarding guns and gun related accessories.

Once i got 3 in marksmanship, i started messing with all the guns.

took a .22 pistol with a empty magazine in it, and then filled a separate compatible magazine with bullets and then tried reloading it, it didnt work and i got the “Out of ammo” message.
tried slotting a magazine in my chest rig and then tried to reload again, but it didnt work again.

the same happened with the M1911, Berettea M9, Glock 19, etc.

only thing i can put into the guns are EMPTY magazines

at least the revolvers work, since they dont rely on magazines.

i hope this was helpful, and its going to be nice to loot extra magazines out of spare guns rather than crafting more once this gets fixed.