Simple NPC commands / Spawn tweaking

Hey guys. I’ve got a few ideas for craftable items that I’ll post when I’m ready but for now–

Specials. Static spawn is crazy and needs to be toned down but I think that’s being worked on, the other thing–

A wait and a follow me command for NPCs that have joined you-- and maybe a ‘get the hell out of the way’ command to make them move one tile in any moveable direction so they can’t trap you in rooms. I’ve had no problems with that last part myself, but I’m sure it could happen. There is probably quite a lot of other stuff you have to do and so far it’s a great game, but give it some thought :stuck_out_tongue:

Just say (N)o when the game asks you to attack them and they will move 1 tile
And the static spawn is like that because, since no more zombies spawn in the whole game, it must be hard :stuck_out_tongue: