NPC spawn and other stuff!

Is there a way to boost or Nerf NPC spawn? I tried checking the jsons but the only thing I could edit was to make them hostile to me, in factions.json.

I am playing with no monsters and only NPCs, and it’s really fun! Or at least it’s escaping from all of them until you get a gun. (I may need to change them so some spawn with no guns).

Also, looks like NPCs don’t target hostile NPCs? At least my friend ManicDepraseeve (a really badly immersion breaking mood cutter happiness destroyer name) didn’t, even after telling her all different kinds of engagement commands.

My plans with this is to play with lots of NPCs, some zombies and stuff.

Also, what do you think if I tackle the idea of making a mod that instead of zombies spawns meese?

Most preferably answer the spawn rate thing.

(I put this in suggestions because if there is no way, I think it would be cool to have one, get me?)

Spawn: that’ll need C++.

Targeting has always been tricky, but we’re working on it.

That’s a backer name, so be nice.

Sure, make a moose mod.