Silly amount of hostile wildlife?

So I’m trying to live in an LMOE shelter, right? First one I’ve ever found, it’s going great.

Except I’m being constantly assaulted and invaded, not by zeds, but by wolves, cougars and bears.

I’ve killed 43 wolves after living in this shelter for 4 days, seems a bit excessive.

Even aside from that, just walking through the wilderness or along a highway seems to result in constant attacks by wild-life and I often play characters who have killed more of those three animals than all the types of zed and giant bugs combined.

I’m guessing that the animals are somewhat starved and scared from the circumstances but even then they seem far too aggressive and common. A cougar would never take two 9mm’s to the chest and press the attack.

Would it be possible for animals to flee more often and have their spawn chance reduced?

What about a cougar that hasnt eaten for days? Animals get relentless when they’re hungry. And so what if youve killed 40 wolves in 4 days? Wolves generally work in packs in life sometimes even have more then that in one ‘pack’

/retard rambling over

I had considered that and consider it fair justification for the occasional attack but in general I’d say that they should attack wolves, bears, giant spiders and even more cougars before the guy with the gun. Animals are pretty scared of guns.

Actually they’d probably be scared of giant spiders due how unnatural they are.

However, thinking about more, it’s not like food is rare. There’s no reduction in natural prey, rabbits, squirrels and deer are still everywhere. Plus, food is much easier to loot from towns for bears since zombies would bother a bear too much.

Are you sure you shot in the chest? And not in a non-vital area, or it hit a bone/rib?

There’s deer, rabbits, and corpses, there doesn’t seem to be much reason to think they would be starving in such a situation. More likely maybe after eating a dead scientist or two they stopped fearing humans.


In any case, might be a bug. But I just chalk the constant animal attacks as part of the phenomena that’s causing all the other weird stuff aside from the zombies.

If you are using the latest dev version a fix to animal morale has already gone in. Now cougars, wolves, and coyotes should only attack you if you are already low on health or if you antagonize them by getting too close.

Nice, good to know.

Thanks for the update.


It’s good to know that got fixed.
I am still quite a lot saddened that they don’t suffer pain effects like every living thing with working nerves should, eh. Shouldnt be as much of a problem now but it’d still be nice if pain impeded them.