Silent step / melee noise extremely loud

[s][i]0.B | SDL | win 7

prelude: The toon started with light-step among other traits, Lived for several years after the cataclysm. Has installed plenty CBM’s and attempted mutating then walloped a sufficient amount of purifier. In the process lost the light-step trait then gained it back.

May have been the cause for what’s occurring but i’m uncertain when it started.

symptoms: 1. any melee attack produces exactly 28 noise no matter the weapon, Even unarmed.
2. moving produces 7 noise.[/i][/s]

edit: false alarm.
I’ve forced myself to dig around further and turns out it was the “Enhanced hearing” bionic.
Really wish it just… didn’t, ya’know >_> much as i like the idea… just no, Changing around the volume of the noise you make just throws you off balance. please lock / move / delete