[quote=“Random_dragon, post:20, topic:10338”][quote=“Coolthulhu, post:18, topic:10338”]It doesn’t.
I edited the code myself.

It may have worked long time ago, but nowadays adding items can’t stop fire from spreading, only help it with spreading.
Smoke is not impaired by items either.[/quote]

Hmm. That is weird. As far as I could tell from testing, it still works to some extent, but it might’ve been blind luck.[/quote]

I agree, even if it’s just a placebo, it’s one I’ll keep following.

Enjoy burning the forest down eventually.

Smoky the ursaring bear is gonna be pissed.

You can make a stone shovel with a rock, a hammer and some string.

There’s also an entrenching tool, that’s a ‘rare’ find.

But it’s also craftable once you have the right skills, and maybe a skillbook is needed.

Plus now More Survival Tools has the makeshift shovel, which may or may not get mainlined later on.

The only place I have seen a shovel is the gardening supply store.

Am I gonna have to go perusing the item groups file? =w=

EDIT: Itemgroups bigtools, mine_storage, mine_equipment, fireman_gear, and farming_tools.

you could just make a stone shovel, you only need construction 1 and survival 1 (I think)

The construction is most likely what stumped WCG, as I know that’s one thing I forget a lot, especially if I’m making a nomadic character or if building/fortifying a shelter isn’t otherwise part of my plans.