How are fires contained now?

The firepit is no longer visible on the construction menu, so what has become the new way to have a contained fire without a fireplace/brazier? I know a shallow pit, at least, doesn’t cut it (after burning down one shelter in my sleep).

You can make a fire circle through the build menu, takes survival 1 and 20 stones. I think that should work.


That used to exist, but as far as I can tell, there is no fire circle build menu item. The only results for “fire” are “mark firewood source” and “stone fireplace”.

(this is 0.D-136-ge719c0c)

Could be the different versions then, I haven’t updated in a while or could be the mods I’m running. This is what comes up for me:

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Deep pit works but i use it to burn zombie bodies. So i dont know about cooking with it or heating. I do see fire ring in my construction menu. Not sure if its mod based.

I thought the fire ring was from a mod. Deep pits usually work to contain fires. You can also build a brazier out of sheet metal fairly easily.

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I think the fire circle is from More Survival Tools by chaosvolt.

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Makes sense, I tend to play with a lot of the item mods running.

Im not sure if im using that mod but ill check when i get home. I know one of my survivors has that mod… not sure about the others.

I’m surprised, it must have been autoenabled on that old 0.C build. Good way to clear up the mystery though.

Never use survival type game characters(odd…for me, if you know my interests…I know >_>), so I have yet to try any of this out. But in real life. Digging a pit and an half arm length tunnel with a bridge will get you a very safe fire pit that takes about 15 minutes to dig with you hands. Using a diggin stick should make it go faster. The only problem is if the ground is frozen you obviously won’t be doing much digging. Not sure if you can dig in winter short of using a jack hammer.