Should we add some gun smoke effect on firearm?

I always like some gun fire effect, we use the laser gun and it can shoot some blue laser, and that is very awesome, and the rail gun can shoot smoke on a line

so how about we just make a gun smoke will firing? that can make look like reality, and it can covering your smell

it can also make challengeing if people try firing inside somewhere, shooting too much will cause room full load gun smoke, and eventually become harmful smoke cause PC to cough.

so what ya think?

Maybe on black powder weapons.

Yeah, modern powder puts out very little smoke.

Then I think someone has to start dev then, it’s very easy to dev, right? just copy the swirl of durg smoke became a gun smoke, that should be fine.

So besides deafening one now guns can also kill the user or make him blind?!?
Will stick with me melee-build.:smiley:

You’d need to be firing something like a 50 cal on full auto to have more than negligible smoke from a modern firearm. There’s a reason ‘Smokeless Powder’ was a significant development in weapon history.

As mentioned earlier, the only thing this would be realistic for would be for black powder firearms.

The sensibility of your statement is at odds with your avatar :smiley:

Heavy fire from black powder weapons was known to blot out the battle field.