Dragging things up and down stairs

Is there a game balance reason not to allow objects to be dragged up and down stairs? Because from a purely realism and RP standpoint, it seems like sufficiently small and sufficiently light objects should be capable of being dragged up and down stairs. As it stands, if you really want a laser cannon deathmobile down in a lab, you can do it by carrying each component down and reassembling it. It’s not impossible, just tiresome. I see no reason a shopping cart or a wheelbarrow (or any other one-frame vehicle) can’t be muscled up and down stairs, but perhaps have a weight limit half of the normal maximum: “Your luggage cart is too heavy to drag up the stairs.” Likewise, there should be an option to just throw an object down the stairs. Maybe you can’t manoeuvre your shopping cart full of insect chitin and Slim Jims up a flight of stairs, but there’s absolutely no reason you shouldn’t be able to simply upend the thing and kick it down the stairs, possibly applying damage to it (and the contents).

I don’t know anything but I guess that is because you could grab anything and the game wouldn’t know
-where to put it
-if its size should let it go through

And because strong enough characters can grab cars and move them, that’s a problem!
But mostly I don’t know, I haven’t coded anything here.

Think it is a code reason. Up and down stairs used to be an ugly hack.

Just build your car on top of the shelter. And drive off. That is the manly way to do it.

I don’t really understand it either. Basically the game could try to find a placement (acceptable adjacent tile) for the dragged cart. Of course it could be achieved. But let’s ponder what counts as an acceptable tile, and what’s unacceptable.

Aren’t stairs just a teleport really?

It still is and it is slowing down work on 3D code quite a bit.