Shooting techniques

So we got martial arts and styles, and it really changes hand to hand system. Why don’t we got shooting techniques?
Let me explain. Right now rapid fire at short distances is just waste of ammo. But with the right training it’s more effective than automatic fire. There are also a lot of techniques for auto fire too, and especially sniper training requires more than marksmanship and rifle skill can represent (spindrift, wind measurement, etc.).
In short, that should be “perks” for military professions and quest rewards for ballistic weapons.
IPSC [weapon class] training: enables double-tap for pistols and speeds up reload. I don’t know much about IPSC, maybe someone can add more.
Rapid fire: first three unaimed or quick-aimed shots got -70% to recoil because of fast trigger working. (IDF style - it proved to be very effective at close range).
Military sniping: +overall accuracy to long ranges, especially with scoped weapons. May be connected to weather CBM.

id rather not.

guns are rare in the hands of an enemy, and skill makes a huge difference in accuracy and crits.

finding some way for them to add various bonuses that aren’t OP when layered with skill would be nice. Not sure what those bonuses might be though… perhaps faster draw? I like faster reload idea, as it is not something that can be gained through skill iirc. Any other ideas?