Ideas for gunfighting

In my most recent play through I had a gunfight. It was rough, I leapt from behind a tree with an SMG set to full auto and I started aiming my shot, just an aimed shot, not careful or precise. The NPC was standing milliseconds away from a wall of lead. My character was an average gunman, Marksmanship and SMG both 5, I was Slaked (On coffee) and Well fed and had a great sleep.

Unfortunately for me a random average dude with a service rifle happened to have achieved the Nth level of holy zen, because before I could pull trigger this man had detected my vibrations in the chronosphere and managed to aim and fire his rifle, accurately I might add, before a single bullet left my gun.

Of my aimed spray, 2 hit. He didn’t care, before I could change mags, I was dead.

Here’s the meat of my point, we need some systems to help gun play and in the hope pf not being that guy. Here are my ideas ( if possible);

  1. Adding the ability to fire while peeking, a bad solution but since guns are noisy and zombies aren’t ranged fighters anyhow, it’s only marginally useful.
  2. A cover system, based on maybe the volume of furniture/objects in the firing line. Perhaps doable by adding a keyword for cover?

Feel free to shot these down if you have the knowledge, I just thought of putting an Idea forward.


What makes you think the NPC was an average dude? Lots of NPCs have one skill crazy high, plus they usually took around virtually unencumbered compared to the player. Any NPC with a gun shouldn’t be underestimated.

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Reminds me of the time I thought an NPC has no weapon (Cuz I’m metaphorically blind) and he shotgunned my head off while I was trying to close the distance.
Ya, don’t underestimate gun users. Crossbows are a maybe in my expirence, but if you see someone with a gun, it might be better to run the crap away and maybe throw a grenade or two at his/her face.

In general I do like the ideas you came up with, that’d be a cool change in my opinion.
I think we still need to add embrasures. If we add cover functions we could possibly also add crenellations too. That’d be nice.

did you reload your weapon, in the open, against someone with a rifle? What?
getting an armour buff/ lowered hit chance to body parts based on cover would be nice though.

Reload in the open vs Running away. = no difference

He can accurately aim and shoot me anyhow.

That sparks another idea though;

Some kind of dodge bonus vs ranged if you’re running.

I think that would only apply when close to or at melee range though.

get that rimworld going on :slight_smile:

didn’t you step out from around a corner? SMG should be much better at close range, if you step back around the corner it should give you a little more reload time then doing so in the middle of a firefight, out of cover. I thought the gun tweaks would have seen to that.

I wasn’t referencing Rimworld, I was talking about medieval fortification stuff. Besides, those come from mods in Rimworld.
Now, let’s not go on a tangent about Rimworld. That isn’t relevant here.

We are talking the length of a bus, maybe 8-12 tiles. It’s not the range that got me, it was the fact that if I was shooting that rifle, it have had no chance of aiming and firing that fast. Not even with ludicrous stats.

Even a trained marksman would have trouble out shooting an SMG vs a rifle. I’d get it if he had a revolver.

I had spotted him from outside his detection bubble, and had terrain between me and him the whole time (Safe Mode Confirmed). So he saw me, lifted his rifle, sighted me and shot by the time I had only to sight and fire.

Maybe there should be a READIED vs UNREADIED mechanic for guns, whereby when you are readied you lose awareness and tunnel vision. A la car headlights at night.

I’m sorry I wasn’t aware that rimworld was a faux pas here. :expressionless:

There was a bug where NPCs didn’t actually spend time aiming, I don’t recall if it was fixed or not. If it was closed, it might need to be reopened?

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Nah I think hes just trying to prevent a derail. the admins are quick to splinter derails that arn’t immediately relevent to a conversation.

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