[0.9 Stable] Sewer rats exceedingly hard to hit in melee

On several characters across two different windows 7 machines I have found myself unable to hit sewer rats with melee weapons (used both machete and crowbar), regardless of melee skills. As soon as I pull out a gun its easy - I killed one in a single shot with 1 marksman and 0 handguns with a SW 619. On one character I actually spent several game hours swinging and missing, training my dodge skill from 4 to 10 without dealing a single point of damage to the rat.

You think rats are easy to hit IRL?

I think that was an intended feature.

Yeah, rats are hard to hit IRL.

And Lussian, don’t quote my post and try to answer the guy’s question. It makes it seem that you’re talking to me.

maybe I am.

It seems a little excessive to me as well. I’ve sat there and basically watched my legs get gnawed off while unable to hit the stupid thing. I think in real life, it would not be that hard to hit if it were trying to gnaw on my leg.

I feel like I could scare off or kill a rat if it were harassing me for 3 straight hours IRL. I also feel like if I can’t hit it after 3 hours I probably shouldn’t be able to hit it with a gun after reading a copy of “Guns and Ammo” and thinking “alright I should maybe try firing this thing”

have they removed rat’s glaring vulnerability to anything thrown?

Considering I killed a cave full of them with dead rats I doubt it.

Unless there’s some immunity to the immunity by using their dead to throw at them.