Sewage and manhole makes no sense

It is a long path with 2-3 turns that leads to a dead end.
I thought it would at least lead to another manhole.

But, no!

The worst thing is that the walk takes 3 days.
And when I saw household wastes, I thought I was near the end.

If this is a dead end, at least give me a hint, like you notice the water is not going anywhere.

Blame the messy mapgen code we currently have.
Unless somebody willing to fix that, it will stay at current state.

Suicide from the end, and promise not to trust sewage paths AGAIN :slight_smile:

Sewer lines should go to treatment plants, but is broken now.

What is under the necropolis? I am forgetting again and I can’t seem to make my way to anything besides water and zombs.

A vault filled with irradiated wanderers.

Ahhh…yes…ok…no idea if I found that then. But that’s it? Also, thanks for the info.

It can spawn very rare loot down there, like the laser upgrade mods, too.

I keep forgetting we have lasers in game, as I don’t use them. Thanks for the info.