Server-client tileset CDDA

It is currently possible to play CDDA remotely via SSH. Problem is - SSH is text-only. I’d like to be able to play the same save I have on one machine at home via a multitude of different devices - and with tiles. Having something like CDDA server that allows CDDA clients to connect and display tiles and send back input would be nice. I mean, I could use VNC or RDP or something like that, but that requires setup and its awkward to use from mobile devices. If both devices use linux its also possible to use much faster X TCP connection, but also severely limits which devices can be used, and aside the obvious security issues its an even harder thing to configure.

I’m not sure how CDDA tilesets work exactly. Could it be already possible to do it somehow via some SDL stuff with some clever compile flags?

This is a huge non-starter, it’s technically possible, but requires multiple, huge new game subsystems and rearchitecting a large fraction of the codebase.