Vehicle Questions

Can a semi truck connect to a truck trailer ? Can you mount things over wheels ? And can you put plating on doors?

i can’t answer the first question, but no, you can’t mount anything on a door, so unless you want them smashed while splatting zeds i’d advise you to leave them open.

No, you can not hitch vehicles together (at this point in time).
I am not sure to the later two.

You can mount some things over wheels, for example trunks and windshields. (But not both at once.) Windshields are the only way to go if you want to make the wheel square impassable.

I would really like it if there was some way to make wheel squares impassable and opaque.

Also can you have more than 1 piece of plating on a square? And can’t you put plating on wheels to protect it, I saw that on a military cargo truck. Maybe I will do some modifying so there are boards with wheel wells.

yeah, I think you can have more than one piece of plating on a tile, can’t remember that well though. If you do make sure to watch the weight.

yes you can put plating on wheels, but as far as i’ve seen only one.

and where weight is concerned, just add a more powerful and/or multiple engines. and of course more fuel tanks to support them.

Only one plate per square, and they can’t be put over any kind of door. Everything else is fair game though.

Why did I think “handles” (^) were for towing stuff? I saw 2 (yes, two!!) big trailers back in 0.4, but none since.