Trucks with trailers hooked-on

Once in the game, I saw a broken truck with semi-trailer, which unfortunately hooked-off to my disengagement. All my attempts to pick up trailer to truck - failed. On the forum I read that this is impossible. no math-model, or somewhat. to pity.
I think about it now, I thought about it since then and today. and that, if my memory is not lying about three years already.
I unfortunately did not find the topic of trailers.
I found some mention - but only just.

but,what-if we give give to an existing “connection cable(3)” in the game the highest possible err - not strength (strength, i mean power, can be copyed from rezulting power value of the car-tower) in the game and give him the strength properties of the motor-generator? yes it would be a kind of cheat. connection cable as a traction motor to drive for a trailer. and can be - then …?