Segmentation fault with NPC, again & weak explosions

Got a problem: i took NPC that wants antibiotics to travel with me and then asked to teach me anything.

Not to create new thread, Ill write it here.

Explosions in that new version make too low damage!
When child zombie steps on a land mine, it gets only “heavily injured” instead of being fragged.
When i shoot on Z-soldier wiht M72, it gets 10(!) damage.

There is your problem most likely. Don’t use NPC’s…NPC’s are bad mmkay.

I can’t help with that glitch but if you shoot a soft target (I.e. a human) with a rocket it wouldn’t even explode. Sure it would do more than 10 damage but it wouldn’t even boom.

I agree with the land mines though. It took 4 before I managed to kill myself.