Segment fault when Feral Human throws at me

My crash log says:

(dbghelp: RtlUserThreadStart+0x21@0x7ffa4f39cec1[ntdll.dll+0x4cec1]),
(backtrace_syminfo failed: errno = -1, msg = no symbol table in PE/COFF executable),
(backtrace_pcinfo failed: errno = -1, msg = no debug info in PE/COFF executable),

Ditto, same error. Playing on 0.E-6751-g9d6708b (tiles) on Build 11088. Happens even when I’m in a vehicle and that gets hit.

Seems like a problem with some projectiles, I have the same issue with acid zombies who either spit acid or those evolved versions who shoot acid as a counter to being hit.

I think it has to do with any “imaginary” ammo using creatures. There was something in the update logs (11088) about ammo casings that eject ammo on reload and I’m wondering if it has to do with this.

  • Shane

Looks like the bug isn’t occuring anymore, tested it on a Feral Human. I patched to Build 11094 which only came out a couple of hours ago. I see that Build #11090 looks like it may have fixed the error, ’
Fix segfaults with fire_gun’. Fingers crossed! :smiley:

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