Segfault when Listing notes in the Map screen

Using 0.8 Romero:

  1. make a new game
  2. go to the map screen
  3. create a Note that says: “%: S” (without the quotes)
  4. try to List your notes
  5. enjoy your segfault

I can reproduce this on a Mac using a non-SDL build. I suspect I broke the regex somehow. As an interesting side note, if your note says “%: foo” you can successfully List the note, but it says “nanoo” in the list. I stumbled across this while trying to mark scientist corpses on the map (using the corpse symbol) while also noting that the SICP book is there.

Workaround: Don’t perform format string injection attacks on the game :smiley:
I think this will be an easy fix since your report is so detailed, thanks.