No Longer Able To Place Notes On Map


As of the latest experimentals (from the past week or so), I have not been able to add custom marks to my map. If I place a custom note on the map, it does not show up, but the game still seems to know it is there because it will ask me if I want to delete that placed note if I place the cursor over that square, and then press Ctrl+d (at least I think that’s the ‘delete note’ key combination). No matter what mark/colour combination I use, nothing seems to show on the map itself.

Also, on an unrelated note, I think that Flaming Eyes need to be seriously nerfed (again). They are WAY too numerouse on the map right now, and I have lost several early characters who get blinded, even though the Flaming Eye is not even close to where my character is standing…


im using build 9140 (latests as of this post) and everything is working fine. did you toggle them on (default “G”) there was a build that toggled the option off (i was startled by it too)


The latest builds for Windows are broken according to the launcher, so I’ll have to check it tomorrow…
Thanks for the tip though, that might be what’s going on… :slight_smile: