[Experimental build] crash

I was just driving in a city over some slimes and zombies, and suddenly the game crashed.
Last git commit hash: 8e73a65ce46efa34ffe90fda631f7f5177f578e1

Its a known issue

Yes, it is. Looks like “Pull Request #2222: Fix to random segfaults” did not fix it.
Should I delete this topic?

That PR only fixed one case of segfaults, though i could have worded it better…

And no need to delete this, as the crash log may help tracking this bug down.

You know, I looked into sources, and…
One does not simply remove an entity from a list while iterating over the same list.
You can’t just do remove_field(x, y, fd_…) in the “for(std::map<field_id, field_entry*>::iterator field_list_it…”-loop.
It is folly.

Good find, made a PR for it.

Thanx. But this bug is still present in process_fields_in_submap’s “for(std::map<field_id, field_entry *>::iterator it…”-loop.

Seriously. Without something like this

if (!skipIterIncr) it++; skipIterIncr = true;
in “Totally dissapated” case the game crashes on it++ after grid[gridn]->fld[locx][locy].removeField(cur->getFieldType()).

How did i not see that, as i practically wrote stuff on the same line…

don’t suppose there’s anyway to fix this, i do a noobish let’s play series on DDA and it sucks not being able to drive around XD

Have you pulled the latest experimental? IIRC this has been fixed already (thanks to the results of this thread).

it seemed like the same 7.1 i already had, idk if things were changed wile version remained the same, elce im just not seeing it XD

The only part of the version number that will update is the big long string (XqQd483jsdscfegz-type stuff) at the end. Everything else remains the same until we manually tell it to update prior to the next release.

ahhh ok, sweet, yep i test it out and no issues, and it only took 3 deaths to find a car that would work! :stuck_out_tongue: