Second mutation thresholds

Would it be difficult to add a second threshold to each mutation line that allows a player to choose the species of their mutation line? Maybe two or so for each?

I was thinking that just being a “spider” or a “plant” is a bit too universal. It works but there’s room to specialize. A fish character with electroreceptors could further mutate and become an electric eel mutant with electrogenesis, a mutation version of chain lightning CBM, or with a size increasing mutation could become a whale mutant and gain the ability to store things in their gigantic mouths. Likewise, a cephalopod character with bracing could further mutate into an octopus with the ability for a mutation version of the camoflage CMB and blinding slippery ink spray(works like boomer bile but on enemies) or someone with rakes mutate into a squid with tentacles that can do reach attacks at the same range of a spear if the mutation is activated.


Second thresholds would be really hard and would require a lot C++ support.

Splitting cephalopod into octopi or squid lines, that share common mutations to the threshold, would be fairly easy and you should probably try doing that first.


Would be really in favour of this, I think. Seems a much more elegant way to organise it with branching thresholds (feline, ursine, etc can be brought under beast, raptor moved under lizard, etc) vs our current laundry list of a separate line for every single vague archetype someone’s come up with.