Sealed jars volume and weight

Sealed 3-liter jars of kompot have zero weight, 2 volume. Should be 12 volume, 3.36 kg weight, based on contents and the jar itself.

Sealed jars of soup also have oddities. The weight is correct (0.55 kg = 0.26 kg jar + supposedly 0.29 kg soup), but the soups themselves don’t have the correct 0.29 kg weight because whoever changed them to be 4-portion instead of one 160-nutrition lump forgot to adjust the weight, which is applied per-portion. Among other things, this leads to a sudden weight bump when I open the jar.

Worth noticing also is that those are half-liter jars. Meaning sealed jars of whatever should have 2 volume and hold 2 volume worth of contents (i.e. 8 portions of soup, 2 sips of broth etc).