Scout vehicles construction

Ive found a few electric scooters and ive been messing around with them, using them as scout vehicles. I just found out i can install a cargo space on them over the rear tire.

How do i figure out if im making the scooter too heavy for its engine? Ive installed an extra battery i found so i have plenty of juice… im sort of curious how big i can go while staying with a small mostly quiet vehicle.

Also can you make a foldable travois? Im still experimenting with the vehicle menu so all help is appreciated.

Nope. You can put one onto a foldable frame, but can’t fold it afterwards.

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Ahhh booooo. Well that is good to know. I thought i was doing something wrong.

One of the base Mods adds some extra folding items, you might be able to do something with that maybe.

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As a rough guideline, it’s easier to underestimate engine power than to overestimate it.

I’m using a normal electric engine on a two square scooter made of steel frames + hard plating + car wheels + storage battery. It’s like 300 kg + 120km/h without cargo, started slowing down badly around 700kg. Using large electric motor would be total overkill.

Because of this, you should never ever use extra light frames on any motorized vehicle, it’s just not worth it since weight saved is so little. Also always use seat over saddle for the same reason.

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Thanks, I’ll give that a shot. My little Scoutin’ Scooter is a ton of fun to tool around on. Now I just need to figure out how to add another trunk on it.

How do i add a sidecar? Weld in 2 frames and then build in them normally?

Pretty much yeah. You might need a wheel under it though.

I don’t know how old is that info but keep in mind that electric motor were somewhat recently cganged in term of weight and power so things might have changed