How much weight can each respective engine/wheel pull before becoming immobile?

I’ve been thinking of making some modifications to my trusty bicycle since I don’t think its deadly enough and I want it to be able to carry more than 24 litres. How much weight can I add to a muscle powered frame before it becomes immobile? What wheels can still be operated by muscle power?
And for for future reference how much weight can steam or gas, etc. pull?

It kinda depends on strength, type of wheels, and type of terrain you’re going over. But if it helps, I’ve been able to foot-power 600lb ‘bicycles’ on pavement, and had trouble with the same when overloaded (personal inventory carried weight) on grass. If you can add even a tiny electric engine, you get a lot more capacity.

My best guess/overall impression is that you should have several (5-10ish?) vehicle watts for each pound you’re hauling. The death mobile has 330 kwatt for 28k lbs, accelerates at 6miles per second, and doesn’t get stuck. The runabout has 54kwatt for 1k lbs and accelerates at 37 miles per second.

so basically it depends on whether i’m on a flat surface

And maybe strength and type of wheels. Vehicles have rolling drag (see bottom middle of vehicle screen) and off-road percent. If the off-road value is low, like 30%, then you get less power on grass. Better/more wheels will raise this number, but also increase rolling drag and increase weight.

And I think you get more power from foot pedals if you are stronger.

Sorry, hope any of this helps!

yeah it certainly does. I was under the impression that foot pedals had barely enough strength to pull a light frame but after attaching an off road wheel and spikes plus a battery and alternator, it seems they are capable of much more

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More than a flat surface, its the type of wheels, the wider the better for offroad/and road, but has the counter of reducing speed and giving more weight.