Science Labs are really cold

Using my Cold Blooded mutation as a gauge of the temperature, the lab I am currently trying to raid is cruising at -23F

Am I doing something wrong here? This is only my third character and I have tried not to spoil too much but this seems like I may have missed something.

some labs aparently have a portal to cold netherrealm that spreads its icy grip through the open portal

Did not expect that.

Anyway, only some labs are freezing cold, the rest are fine.

Maybe I just have terrible luck, but it seems like the vast majority of the labs I find are ice labs.

Also I never realised that that was the reason they were cold. I guess I’d always assumed that it was just because it can get pretty cold underground… combined with climate control having shut down or been thrown out of whack in the apocalypse. Of course that lead me to wonder how it was getting down to -80 degrees celsius or worse down there… :wink:

I think its 50/50 whether a lab is freezing or normal. So your likely to encounter quite a few.

You know what Ice labs are great for? Food storage. Clear out the first area and just drop all your perishables in the below freezing environment, where they will stay good indefinitely (theoretically, until the next version breaks canned goods again)! Also make great summer bases since you stay nice and comfortable in all your lovely protective gear.