Scenarios/Challenges that alter game/map settings

Some scenarios/challenges ought to be able to completely alter game settings or rather come with pre-defined game/map settings for faster starts, and an experience that lasts longer than the initial start. For example, “Downpour” challenge would have weather permanently set to only rainy type weather.

Other examples:
-The Mist - Perma Foggy weather, low zed count, but stronger zeds.
-Pitch Black - Always Night
-Raiderlands - high npc count, but mostly raider types.
-DinoCrisis - all zeds are replaced with X (this case being dinos)

The basic idea is to be able choose a set of pre-defined rules to shake your game up that don’t require going through settings or MOD list. Just choose special scenario/challenge, create character, and go!

Would we classify them as ‘Map Scenarios’? Where as scenarios/challenges affect the start, this would affect the map itself. Pre-set Map settings?

Scenarios only define allowed start locations (and conditions via using map extras and scenario flags which allow some hardcoded behavior) and list of allowed professions. Other things (like monster blacklists) are possible via mods, not scenarios.