How time comsuming will it be to add classes to a scenario!

I’ll preface by saying I plan on learning to code for this game and have plans for a sumo wrestler as well as late game events like an alien imvasion after 400 game days have past.
But I don’t have time right now. I would rather be playing my 6 daily hours.
How difficult then specifically to add op characters in some of the scenarios to the list in fled the riots? Will I have to download and compile shit or can I just edit easily?

A LOT of stuff can be done using the .JSON files in your installation’s data directory. Professions can be created by looking at /data/json/professions.json . It’s very easy to add professions either to that file or through setting up a mod folder and making your own files. (I suggest the latter).

Adjusting the scenario would be /data/json/scenarios/scenarios.json . Also relatively easy, but you don’t actually have to do that for what you’re asking.

The Fled The Riots scenario allows all professions, so all you’d have to do is create a profession and it will automatically be available to use in that particular scenario. Other scenarios, though, limit available professions, so you’d have to add them to the list of possibilities.

Well bionic spec ops for instance, only available in helicopter crash and FEMA eacape…once I get home I will grudgingly not play and do some perusing

I believe this is because of “flags” : [“SCEN_ONLY”] which, if I understand right, means it’s only available when you explicitly add it to the scenario’s list of possible professions.

If you create a profession, don’t add that flag, or if you copy-paste, erase the flag. Unless you want it to be only specific scenarios. Again, it’s pretty easy if you get the files in front of you.


Worked so ridiculously easy!! Going to add a huge number of custom classes
now. Thanks mang.