Scabbards n' baldrics

swords can be stored is baldrics scabbards and back scabbards
but i’ve just read in the wikipedia article of scabbards:

Most commonly,[ [clarification needed] ] scabbards were worn suspended from a sword belt or shoulder belt called a baldric

(i think the ‘clarification needed’ is there because commonly needed clarification and not that this might by false)

so isnt the baldric just the belt that the scabbard hangs onto and cant carry a wapeon by itself?

Technically, yes. In CDDA, the baldric includes a sheath for a larger sword that would be too big to comfortably hang from just a sword belt.

I think of scabbards as being entirely hung from the belt. Whereas the baldric includes a shoulder strap to better support and distribute the weight. A back scabbard is a thing that basically wasn’t used IRL and is an invention of the survivor for their incredibly niche need of carrying a zweihander around at the ready while keeping their hands free.

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