Savescum story (or at least what I imagine it to be)

Savescum Deja Vu

Ben Johnson is one of the select few that have survived the initial wave of the cataclysm. Now he is residing in a basement of a house on the outskirt of a city. Being alone and bored, he decided to start a journal. It would serve as his legacy and reminder to anyone who would find his body in case he died suddenly. He made it a habit to write about his day before sleeping. This are two passages in his journal:

Day 64, 11:18 P.M.

Today was an overall successful and eventful day. I just finished wiping out all the monsters near my base, it took a while but now I could finally loot worry free. Also got a deep scratch on my arm today, that grabbing zombie held me down while the other zombie clawed at me. It’s not that bad of a wound but I sanitized it either way, better than sorry as they say. I also had a bizarre headache just now. I felt a pang of piercing pain…like someone is drilling into my skull. And I seem to have had a vision of a pink alien creature maulling me as I struggle. And also in that vision, the last thing I saw was the horizon being chipped away and turning into numbers as they flout up into nothingness. That was a bizarre experience, I wonder if this is an induced hallucination caused by isolation and stress. Well…anyways I’ve got to go to sleep now, Goodnight.

Day 65, 10:56 P.M.

I can’t believe what happened this day. Just earlier this morning I was rummaging through the house just next to my base when I heard someone outside. It seems like I won’t be alone anymore, or so I thought. When I got outside I saw a pink creature standing there and seems to be waiting for me. It was the same pink creature I saw in my vision. I stumbled and immediately ran for my life. From what i’ve seen in the vision last night this monster was mauling me to the ground, so it must be powerful. I barely ran for several meters when I looked back and saw it chasing me. I don’t need to restrain anymore, so I whipped out the shotgun that had been hanging on my back and aimed. I’ve been careful not to waste any bullets till now but seeing this monstrosity and trusting on what I saw on my vision, i think it’s the right time to use this. So I pulled the trigger and… BANG my ears are ringing. The next thing I saw was the pink creature running away, I seem to have scared it off for now. I was really lucky today. I thank the gods for giving me a vision, if i wouldn’t have known how dangerous that creature is, maybe i would’ve idiotically melee’d myself to death fighting that monster. It was a hard day, I hope I could find someone soon.

I did this to practice my English(not my first language)
Feedback would be appreciated

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I was going to comment. Then decided to check. Now I’m adding my own question: what’s the difference between “outskirt” and “outskirts”? I only ever saw latter form but it seems former is also used… in the exact same meaning?

Oh yeah, I also don’t know

I’ve never heard “outskirt” used, and I’m pretty well read. Maybe it’s a regional dialect thing?

From what I can find, the singular form is archaic. It’s modern usage is always plural, but I haven’t found anything that indicates when the shift occurred. It seems like the word originated in the late 1500s.

Wow, that’s is a nice of a little history. Makes me remember of a time that a survivor, wich name’s was forgotten, was in a evac shelter when him decided go out, jumping out of an window, just to encounter itself face to face some frightening pink alien creature. Poor litte thing… it thought that fighting toe to toe with the beast was better than runing. The end? I’m sure you can presume.

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