A Survivor's Journal

Day:1 God damn it. my escort to a bunker just crashed. the pilot was infected somehow and he turned the rest of the crew. but me i was in my reinforced holding cell. guess being a experimental super soldier/engineer that has schizophrenia and nightmares has its benefits. God my arm hurts [blood drop cover the page] the damn propeller cut my arm pretty bad. I made it to a near by outpost we had lost contact with early in to the outbreak. The guns were dead. the card readers broken but a gate was set up in the front I was able to open it. it hurt a lot and sneaking through the minefield when your dealing with blood loss is not fun. Everything was a mess but i didn’t see any one. i explored in a hurry and found a captains bunk. hehe i ripped the dicks bedding up and patched myself up. know im going to bed with the blankets i found next door.
Day 4 been a few days i finaly recovered from the crash. I took to both cleaning up the base i have only cleaned one tower tho. one of the towers of the outpost had these mutated humans and were locked up. and a bunch of ants on one walkway. giant ants what the hell. I did fine a perfect place to sleep in and use as a my proper spot as a base so after some crate moving i know have a crafting section. going to finish checking out the ground floor and finish off the day. (a few hours later) HOLY FUCK THEY WERE CANNIBALS I JUST FOUND A ROOM FULL OF HUMAN BODIES AND MEAT HOOKS!
Edit map problems delaed this world so i have to rest so i am redoing this in my new start