Save Our Planet!

what about a craftable trash compactor? A 0.5L engine or an electric engine + batteries + something + welder. Fill it with any 10 items and produce 1 low volume high weight (eventually combustible) item. The pile of junk in my bases hates me now, but i’d really need a trash compactor.

You’re all wrong.
In 0.7 you’ll be able to get married to that npc lady and tie cans to the back of your LoveWagon. So save the cans, not the planet.

Uma Thurman: "So, your name is Buck? And lemme guess, you're here to f**k?!?"
Pussy Wagon... phew. :-)

Doesn’t the game already have something like that?

Acid grenades,
Acid grenades everywhere.

Why acid when you can just set a building on fire. Or just you know make a campfire and burn it all.