Bad Save JSON - Can't Load Save

0.C Stable
WinXP (yeah, yeah, old OS, this is on a backup laptop)

Been playing and reading for a long, long time, and I finally have a reason to post. I hadn’t had a problem with a stable release until yesterday, when my save refused to load, claiming:

DEBUG: Bad save json EOF: expecting string but got ' ' Press spacebar...

Debug output file notes two mods and the mod folder within the save that it cannot find, but it has this noted on virtually every boot listed, and only yesterday did I have an issue.

8:30:2.156 WARNING : opendir [data/mods//Mundane_Zombies/modinfo.json] failed with "Not a directory". 8:30:2.156 WARNING : opendir [data/mods//No_Joke_Monsters/modinfo.json] failed with "Not a directory". 8:30:2.297 WARNING : opendir [./save//Newberg/mods] failed with "No such file or directory".

I don’t think I did anything out of the ordinary; everything seemed to be working fine when I saved and quit the night before. Then this happens the next morning. It’s pretty discouraging to have my save file just quit on me, so any help you can offer to at least not have this happen again would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance.

I’m betting 90% odds that this probably isn’t occurring on the Linux version.

EDIT: Though as a fellow Windows user (7, in this case), I’m actually referencing that save-wrecking bug we had maybe a month ago in the experimental version, that went unnoticed for several builds due to it only showing up on the Windows version.

Indeed, Random_dragon is probably right, because it loads fine on Linux. The latest experimental has this bug fixed. You should try it.

Totally called it. Much as I try not to rag on the Linux users, the devs are occasionally kinda bad at letting those things slip. How many collaborators do we have for each OS anyway, now that I think about it?

I should note that, far as I could tell, I never had any issues with saves in 0.C stable. So that might specifically be a Windows XP issue, and not a Windows issue in general. So in that case it’s forgivable.