Whole base,items and vehicles Vanish

So I been off CDDA for so long I would say maybe around a year or two? Don’t know remember playing back in both B and C and we’ll after sometime back and now with D over here.

Very happy and amazed how far the game has gone and tbh I would rather not miss out!

But enough talking on with the issue. So I made a new character, playing on 0.D like a week ago. Have been going far off with him: got a APC mostly repaired and armored up and with some nice storage and Ups recharging station, my base (a ranch) was all stuck up on food,items and all the sort and he’ll even 3 artifacts (ring of the forbidden beast, beads of lighting? And rod of silence) and all was good.

Got back from a factory taking those tasty materials and frame and saved the game when I got out of my APC. Got back tomorrow aaaand…well debug happen

The game loded well but when it came to the “finilizing” (mind my english) a debug appears imidietly,the game dint even appear yet, it said:

"Failed to read from “./save/Mama mia/maps/ 3.2.0/122.65.0.map”: line 1:1: tried to start arrary, but found ’

Function:book read_from file (cost string&, cost std: :funcyion <void (std: :basic_istream&)&)
Line: 436

And from there on out a massive amount of the same thing just the string with "save/mama mia/ maps/ (Alot of different numbers)
Over and over again. None stop. All I did was spam space. And then my game loaded. I was outside like I was. My character was untuch but everything around him was just Thanos snap.

I took one step foward and de bug attack again. And same thing.

Is there no way to repair this problem? I closed the game without saving and did it again. Same exact thing. I have the full debug report and might be able to post my save file but on phone right now.

But in short. Any way to recover all my things? I was very far ahead really is a bummer and one hell of a de motivator after seeing all my stock and resources poof.

Yeah, you did the right thing, do not save after it’s loaded with errors.

It’s probably recoverable, all the data is there, its just having trouble reading it, it was expecting something different in the deserialization code.

Can you plop the save and log output onto the github issue? and someone can take a look at it.

I can totally do that no prob.
The wierd part is that the ranch itself seem to have “reset”. The ranch itself had extra cabinets and everything with items and all but as soon I enter all seem to just start back as it was not even looted.

I loaded 2 times and as usual the same but the farm loot changes so, yes, maybe since it could not read it. It just put back as if nothing happen befor.

But I will post the whole log and the save itself on github in a bit. I have any idea what could cause this. I always wait and everything for it to save properly and all.

Oh and this was not the first time. I had a previous save in day 27 and that exact error happen. Ended up deleting it.

But jumping on github now

Done posted on gidhub. I hope it can be fix I reeeaaallllyyy don’t wanna lose any of the progress. But can a outdated OS cause something like this? I been using a old portable PC to play when the save was created, don’t usually play DDA on my gaming desktop, kinda enjoy playing DDA on the go instead

I commented on the github issue, but I browsed through your save files, and a lot of them are completely corrupted, full of gibberish instead of text.
I’m not sure what’s happened to them, but I dont think this is recoverable, sorry.

If this has happened to you before, ( and I don’t think it’s cataclysm doing this to your save files - as I;ve not seen any other issue like this recently )
Then I would perhaps look at your system and why some files on it are spontaneously corrupting.

Thanks. I will look in to it in deph I hope it’s not something serious on my end. But really it help a lot specially now with the assumption it might not be the game. Really thanks.