Sapiovore + Herbivore?

Is this an intended combination? A Predator, a human eating Sapiovore… but it’s a herbivore? Predator and Prey Animal are an odd enough combination, along with Predator and Animal Empathy. I have such a confusing bunch of traits.

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You know you want to eat them, but you just can’t.


You only eat plant mutants, perhaps?

Predator+Prey isn’t that unusual. Spiders eat other bugs, but get eaten by birds all the time.

Does it maybe allow you to only eat meat if it’s rotten?

Either way it does certainly seem odd to have them both. What are the effects of eating the different food types?

That’s Saprovore you’re thinking of. Sapiovore is an offshoot mutation requiring Carnivore that extends your eating habits to human meat. Easy to get the buggers mixed up especially since they both require carnivore.

The Prey and predator thing is a good point. Mantar

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Ah you’re correct. I have trouble with words that are too close in spelling like that when I’m not intimately familiar with the meaning.