Carnivor mutant starvation disorder

Hi im using version 0.a-2146 f2e81eb

I am playing a forced experiment mutan and i took the geneticaly unstable flaw.
after some time playing i have developed carnivor but no matter how much i eat (like tons of cook meat)
my hunger wont go down

o_O That certainly shouldn’t be happening. I’ll take a look. Thanks for reporting.

What if you eat uncooked meat? Does that take away from hunger?

You can get a parasite that makes you hungry from eating uncooked meat, that could be it.

At first i tried eating cooked meat and found bacon, then uncooked to see if that worked and even so vegetables nothing worked. My thirst was unaffected there was no prompt or sign of parasites anywhere.

The “sign of parasites” is that you get hungry all the time, find some royal jelly or antiparasitic medicine and it should clear up.
If you’re suspicious it’s a game bug (as opposed to a bowel bug) back up your character and cheat in one of the cures t o see if it’s effective.

OK, yeah, if you ate uncooked meat I’d bet tapeworm.

(That wasn’t in the OP. You need to tell us that sort of thing in future.)

Got tied up last night, sorry.

I have this exact same bug. Experimental 2151.

I gained carnivore and then nothing I ate (10+ cooked creeps at once) would change my hunger level at all.

I wished for some purifier, used it, lost carnivore, and now I my cooked creeps fill me up again.

Also I looked at my save file and didn’t have any diseases as far as I could tell.

OK, I just looked. The code I pushed for the healthy-mod was canceling out the non-health effects. Fix should be up momentarily; my apologies for the inconvenience, and thanks for confirming, acehawk.

Of course, thanks for fixing!