Safe Mode Manager help

Can someone explain how to use this thing? As a practical example, I want to be in safe mode, such that I get warned about everything, and now want to add a rule that I don’t get "safe mode"ed by dogs and coyotes.

  1. Press Escape to go to in-game Main Menu and then press 4 to go to Safe Mod manager:

  1. Press ~ to add default ruleset:

  1. Press A to add new ruleset and then press ENTER to edit it, update rule string to *dog* and press ENTER again:

  1. Press T to test new rule. You will something like this:

  1. Press Escape to close test window and update rule string if neccessary.

  2. Move to another columns with cursor arrows and set required values with Enter.


Wow, I had no idea I could do that…

Thanks for the tutorial!

I wasn’t either until today.

Thank you very much, that was super helpful!