Devices doesn't train opening safes

Been trying to open safes in the current experimental and have generally found that the time to open safes using stethescope/devices is now prohibitive (12+ hours seems generally insufficient at Devices 3), but more problematically you gain no device training during attempts, at least not if you cut off your efforts before success.

Given the massive time sink that is now lockpicking, efforts to pick a safe should at least result in some devices training, even if you don’t stick through the (unknown) number of hours necessary to produce a success.


The maximum amount of time needed for safecracking is 10 hours and 30 minutes, with devices level 0 and 8 perception. The formula is time = 150 - 20 * ( devices - 3 ) - 10 ( perception - 8 ), if you don’t have the proficiency, the time is multiplied by 3.

There is a bug with certain activities where, if you stop to eat, drink, sleep or do another activity, your entire progress is reset. So once you start safe cracking do not stop.


Yeah, it’s that last part that is the bug. For activities that can reasonably take more than one game hour, the attempt progress and skill gain checks need to be distributed along that time span.

Is safecracking a separate proficiency from lockpicking? Didn’t notice an entry for it.

It is a separate proficiency, albeit one that is very difficult to train, given that it gives about 3% progress per safe cracked.

from every safe I’ve cracked so far it seems not worth it to pick safes, and much easier to just break them open… imagine spending 10+ hours trying to open a safe only to find its just empty, and you could have just smacked it with a sledgehammer to find that out. there should be a way to figure out before you open a safe if there’s things worth getting inside of it.