Royal Beef gives 833% Iron?

Is that a bug or feature?

I would like to know as well.

I only ask since most meat based foods deliver 83% iron

just like non egg based or non dairy based foods consistently deliver 4% or 8% Calcium.

Sounds lethal if you ask me.


This high value is calculated from the game itself, due to the high nutrition (80), and only material being “flesh”, as far as I know.

However, 833% isn’t necessarily lethal, it would be, however, toxic.
An average male needs at least 6mg/day ; 8mg/day is recommended, it would be the 100% I’d assume.
That means the 833% is 66,64 mg/day of iron. 70mg/day seems to be a lower limit where you can start seeing adverse effects of the iron poisoning, like “gastrointestinal irritation” - means, stomachaches I guess, maybe even diarrhea in worse cases(?), and systemic toxicity. It wouldn’t kill you, but you’d be hurtin.

Those numbers could be slightly wrong, of course. You know how the Internet is.

So it acts like the material thickness?

Uh…Kinda? I have no Idea how exactly it’s calucated, but I know it has something to do with the base nutrition value and the material of the food. I actually figured that one out when i loaded up a new world with the new vitamin system and all my custom created food had values for all the vitamins.

It’s a bit odd though, cooked meat has, for example, the same RDA values as canned meat, even though canned meat has 10 more nutrition and stacks in 2. One of the coders could probably tell you how exactly it works, sorry.

I really want to be able to do that with that one electromagnet CBM.