Iron deficiency

I got early iron deficiency about three days ago and have been eating about 1000% iron daily since then. Still at early iron deficiency.

Currently mutating. Could it be related?

Iron deficiency is usually due to bleeding. Give it more time to recover in any case.

No bleeding. At least none from wound.

It happened suddenly, and went away after 4 days of eating around 1000% iron every day. Perhaps the catalyst consumes iron, besides primer?

I don’t think mutation has any effect on your iron stores. If you haven’t been bleeding that seems weird.

No visible bleeding, no wound. The fact that early iron deficiency doesn’t go away while I take in so much iron each day (via cooked liver and cooked human liver), means that either I don’t actually digest the food, or something is constantly consuming the iron in my body. The next time I see this I’ll try to keep a save.