Root walls and jackhammers

While clearing a triffid heart, I noticed that I couldn’t burrow through root walls with the jackhammer, with the message “You can’t drill there”. However the wiki recommends bringing a jackhammer, implying that you can go through these walls.

Is root walls not being jackhammerable a bug, or was it just a change that was added at some point, without the wiki being updated?

Ive found a good blunt weapon knocks them down easily. I used a halligan bar.

Oh there are definately other ways of getting by them - or you could just light the triffid heart on fire with a molotov like I did. I was just wondering if the jackhammer specifically was a bug. If it it, to let people know so they can fix it. If not, so I - or someone else if they get there first - can go update the wiki.

I don’t think it is. I say this with the logic of the root walls being akin to trees. I mean have you ever seen a lumber Jack chop a tree down with a jackhammer(doesn’t work too well just scratches it up). And the root walls are also a living organism as they shift and move as you go through.