Rollerblades stop working after saving and loading the game

Version of the game 0.C-28094-g1c7dd8f but any of the recent will work, OS ubuntu 16.04 x64, no mods.
How to reproduce:

  1. Create a world and a character
  2. Spawn rollerblades or rollerskates
  3. Wear them and check that they work(i.e. move cost on flat surfaces is significantly lower and on grass it is significantly higher)
  4. Save and quit, and then load the game.
  5. Now rollerblades work just like a normal boots with 25 encumbrance.

I guess we are missing call to recalc_speed_bonus somewhere.


I am running an older version (7081) in order to work on my OSX, and seem to be reproducing this error as well. I also note that my rollerblades work better on grass than on paved roads.

I can not believe has not fixed this yet. It was same a MONTH ago!

I’m guessing whatever issue is causing this is the same one that’s causing the Speedy Dexterity mod to not work

ver. 7473…

It’s still not fixed.
Developers do not have ripple.
Did give up?

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