Rock forge not elligible for making anvil?

Version 10756

Anyone else having issues with the rock forge? After my usual little jint of gathering all the rocks in the area to build both a kiln and a rock forge I’ve hit a bit of a snag. At this point I’d be ready to make the anvil but the recipe doesn’t seem to include the rock forge in it, despite it having over 2400 charges/charcoal. I don’t yet have the metal to do it but usually at this point the recipe would at least go green in the forge section with a filled rock forge.

I know the rock forge in its build decription says that it can function like a charcoal forge, and so the charcoal forge requirement in the recipe should be interchangeable with that of the rock forge, but it looks like the rock forge doesn’t count anymore or something.

rock forge

My mod list just in case someone’s wondering

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No idea if you found your answer yet, but this issue was apparently known
( and fixed in one of the newest builds. Except now (for me) the charcoal isn’t used, but at least it works :slight_smile: