Rock Forge - How to use and purpose

Can anyone help me to understand the purpose of a rock forge? I built one and other than loading charcoal into it, I am not able to use it for anything, the recipes that have prerequisites for electric or charcoal forge are still read when I try to craft nearby. Based on google searches people have mentioned that you can use this forge to start building up your tools, but have not found any documentation on how to actual use this furniture item.


The rock forge counts as a charcoal forge. To get your steelworking industry up and running, you’ll need to use the rock forge to make a crucible, then an anvil, then some tongs, a metalworking chisel, and a swage and die set. At that point, you’re in business and can make almost anything. I believe you’ll need about 800 charcoal to get it all made.

Yes, I don’t believe forges are actually interacted with aside from putting fuel in them. You just build them and they’re one of the ‘tools’ necessary for crafting recipes.

Here’s attempting to craft with nothing.

And here’s standing next to the rock forge with appropriate coal charges.

Also make sure the forge is within crafting range (5 square distance), and have unblocked line of sight to your forge.

x O you

x = forge
O = charcoal kiln

A setup like that would prevent use of the forge.

Thank you very much everyone. Both of the responses fixed my issue. Appreciate the help.