[FIXED] Construction "Place Forge" seems broken

[s]Hey guys,
the construction “Place Forge” seems to be a bit broken, in that it uses the wrong type of forge in it’s construction. Specifically, to place a forge, you need an electric forge, but once placed, it behaves as if it would be a charcoal forge, using up charcoal as ammo. Even in the crafting interface, when standing near a loaded forge, it shows up as loaded charcoal forge. So I guess the construction is supposed to take a charcoal forge, not an electric one.

SIMPLE SOLUTION: change the construction recipe for “Place forge” to take a charcoal forge instead of an electric one.[/s]

Bug seems to have been fixed by Rivet. Thanks for that!

I had this happen to me.

I said fuck it and smashed the placed forge, debugged myself a new one, and acted like it never happened.