Robots For FUN And Profits

Does anybody know how rare this book is? I can never seem to find it anywhere and its the only real skill level(electronics 10) that I feel comfortable installing CBM’s at.

Does anybody know where I should be looking? libraries, schools, what?

Saw it few times, in libraries and mansions.
It’s not about how rare thing is, it’s about how much cataclysm hates you :smiley:

I’ve found it in libraries and on dead science guys. IMO the high level sciencey type books should spawn in labs too, SICP, robotics for fun and profit, and chemistry textbook.

Just stop looking for it so the game doesn’t know you are looking for it and hides it from you.

Well I did find it once so i know it is in the game but…
Went into a mansion to read it because of rain and a bear killed me…
Archiater you are right the game hates me Just bad luck!

I’ve had mostly success at Computer 6, but yeah, you can lose some of the more difficult CBMs easily.

CBM faulty installation is the worst , because it mostly involves electricity leaking and shitting all over you right in the moments when something else is also ready to take a shit on all your broken body parts.

i once had a long liver survivor fully outfitted with electric led lamps in his forehead and he got a faulty installed bionic that gave him pain and reduced strenght every time his power is more than 75%. he had the metabolic intercharge bioninc. At least i didn’t survive long enough to find out how much strenght it reduces.

At least when you fail with one and you have failed before then you may get rid of all of your CMBs cause i think it also includes the faulty ones, or it may just give you another faulty one

Advanced economics book should be called “Profit for FUN and robots”.

Lol, devs should go up for funnier book names.
Like changing “Computer Gaming” to “Cataclysm: DDA FAQ”

Noooo… and then have my hopes crushed when i press V in the mansion?
Why would you do that…
Watch it get added