Reading difficult books

I could imagine, that you, if get to a higher skill-level after having read a difficult book, are pretty happy and have a kind of “light bulb moment”, whos morale boost will be over the “disliking difficult book” ones…

Think that might be pretty fun^^

Morale as a whole is kind of fubar but I agree that finishing a book should give a significant morale boost maybe?

My personal experience:

“For f***s sake I sludge through an army of the undead, torch a grove AND raid the local gun store. Now I have to read this shit!?”
several hours later.
“Damn that was annoying…Now where is the rest of my coke?”

I mean you just dug through an epicly difficult book and managed to learn something from it, why should you not be happy? (especially when you can burn the book afterwards :P).

So my suggestion is: if you read normally it takes way longer than a not so difficult book and you don’t like that and thats ok, so you get annoyed by it. But if you manage to increase your skill level by digging through it you should get a morale boost because the equivalent of a level up ingame would be in real life some kind of “epiphany” what allows you to do more crafting etc. just because you understood the theory…

Yeah I know that feel, I once got a 1001 electronics kit… when I finally made that game of space invaders I was happy as FUCK!
Probably a little bit lighter feeling than understanding how to dissect your arm to install a fusion blaster but I understand it.

I agree.

In that line of thought, maybe include a moral boost for a first use of bionics… First kill with a laser or flamer, first punch with Hydro arms, first teleportation. Of course reverse that for skitzos. Have them freak the hell out when their arm starts spewing flames.

OOOOH YEAH! :wink: